¿Eres fan de One Piece? Shueisha abre encuesta mundial sobre personajes favoritos


La editorial japonesa Shueisha lanzó una encuesta virtual para que los fans de todo el mundo puedan elegir sus 100 personajes favoritos de One Piece.

Esta iniciativa forma parte del proyecto One Piece 1000 Logs que celebra el capítulo mil del manga y los 23 años de la serialización. 

La encuesta mundial está abierta desde el 3 de enero del 2021 y concluirá el 28 de febrero. Además, se podrá elegir el idioma, incluyendo el inglés. 

Cada día, los fans podrán votar por su personaje favorito. Pueden elegir un personaje diferente cada día (luego del mediodía en Japón). Los personajes podrán ser seleccionados por el buscador o con el filtro de arco de la historia. 

Además, Shueisha promete que habrá una sorpresa muy emocionante para los personajes que dominen el top 100 mundial de One Piece. 

Los votos se podrán registrar desde la página web oficial One Piece World Top 100 y los resultados se podrán visualizar por región, incluyendo América Latina. 

En el primer día de votación, Nami encabezaba la lista de los 100 personajes más populares. Le sigue Brook y luego Chopper. 

Como premio, cada votante recibirá un modelo en realidad aumentada (AR) de su personaje favorito. Luego de votar podrás ver el código QR que debes escanear con tu móvil. Este personaje se mostrará cuando actives la cámara.  

Foto: © Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha

English version

TOKYO, Japan (January 3rd, 2021)— Today, major publisher Shueisha Inc. launched a worldwide poll called “World Top 100” for fans to decide once and for all who is the best “ONE PIECE” character as part of their “ONE PIECE 1000 LOGS” project. 

Commemorating 1000 chapters and 23 years, one of the most popular serialized titles Eiichiro Oda’s “ONE PIECE,” from the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine, is leaving it in the hands of their fans to decide who is the most popular character out of a thousand. 

The massive online poll launches on January 3, 2021 at 7 AM (PST) and 10AM (EST) and will be live until February 28, 2021 at 6:59AM (PST) and 9:59AM (EST) when the final results will be tallied. Fans can vote through the homepage and by mail-in postcards. 

This announcement will be followed by a New York Times full page color ad to promote the campaign.

 During the voting period, fans will receive prizes for participation. New content will be coming thanks to the “ONE PIECE 1000 LOGS” project. On the homepage for the poll, new trailers and a live action teaser will be premiering. 

From other campaigns, Shueisha will be rolling out exclusive cover art featuring beloved character Luffy alongside other “ONE PIECE” characters drawn by fellow Jump authors, collaboration projects with other magazines under the Shueisha imprint, the release of the largest amount of free manga volumes “ONE PIECE” has ever seen, and a letter from author Eiichiro Oda looking back on the history of the property. 

Publisher Shueisha endeavors to unify the world as ONE in fandom by launching the new slogan “We Are One.” 

Precipitated by the 1000th chapter of this seminal series, the poll allows fans to participate and interact. They plan to demonstrate the diverse nature of the fanbase by showcasing each region’s Top 100 characters. 

Fans are allotted one vote per day for the length of the poll. As a prize, each voter will receive a random AR Model of a character they can use to take photos with using their camera apps on their devices. 

About Shueisha Inc 

Shueisha Inc. is a Japanese book and video game publisher headquartered in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. The company was founded in 1925 as the entertainment-related publishing division of Japanese publisher Shogakukan. The following year, Shueisha became a separate, independent company. Magazines published by Shueisha include: Weekly Shonen Jump, Weekly Young Jump, Non-no, and Ultra Jump. Shueisha, along with Shogakukan, owns VIZ Media, which publishes manga from all three companies in North America.

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