First Solo Album and MV release

Vocalist JESSE, frontman of the bands The BONEZ and RIZE released his first solo album on December 11th.  The album titled “Crescent” was released under his solo artist name "Jesse McFaddin". 

The album was released in both digital and physical format including a special COMPLETE BOX version that includes special merchandise in a stylish design. The COMPLETE BOX has a limited release of 1,111 units. A must get for true fans. The physical version includes an additional track (compared to the digital one).

The latest Official MV from this album, titled “Dali” was released last week. 

This video and more can be found on his Youtube Channel

"Crescent"’s message revolves around acceptance between each other, unity and connection, something much needed during these chaotic times of uncertainty and social distancing. The sound is a mix of hip-hop and alternative rock.

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