Hachioji P es seguidor del anime Initial D

El príncipe de la música Vocaloid Hachioji P contó a Otaku Press que es seguidor de la serie animada Initial D. Aseguró que comenzó a ver el anime durante su recuperación médica.

En este video también cuenta cómo decidió dedicarse a la carrera musical. La entrevista fue realizada durante el evento Natsu Matsuri.

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Hachioji P, known as "The Prince of Vocaloid," visited Peru at Natsu Matsuri 2017.

Otaku Press has an exclusive interview wih Hachioji P about his music and hobbies. "I heard from DJ Kaya and motsu san everything about the peruvian audience," said.

His debut album Electric Love was launched on February 2012. He is popular for his groovy, electric sound with Vocaloid.

"A university friend talked with me about music. He motivated me to compose music," said.

Also he likes Initial D, an anime based in car races. Years ago he got sick and spent time watching anime. Also he loves Pokemon Go. Hachioji P was excited because he got Heracross in Peru. This Pokemon is exclusive from Latin America.

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